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                          14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

          In Two


          Halls at ITM

          Celebrating its 10th year, Alesta is attending the ITM
          Exhibition for the fifth time this year. The company, which
          all representations participating in past ITM witnessed the
          growth of Turkey’s textile sector wait excitedly its visitors in
          two different hall in this year. Alesta has been serving with
          weaving machines and accessories up to now, they have
          also entered into technical textiles with non-woven sector              Shows Up with
          and industrial materials with their partner companies
          which joined in recent years. In this context, the company
          that take its place at the HIGHTEX Exhibition gather on   Its Digital Opportunites
          the interest of exhibitors and visitors with different product
          groups. The company started working with Perlon Nex-
          trusion GmbH, a monofilament, line producer, which is in   Mimaki is at ITM 2018 with rich solutions focused   jen Evertse said, referring to the digital transforma-
          the family of Serafin Group and other German companies   on quality, speed, efficiency and personalization.   tion on the textile; “Turkish textile and ready-to-we-
          Derix, who are experienced in weaving accessories.    Preparing to perform a technology show for visitors,  ar industry continues to increase its strength as
                                                                Mimaki  show ‘digital opportunities’ to textile manu-  the most important business line of the country. It
          Representatives of Alesta include:                    facturers. Mimaki Eurasia presents digital textile   achieves this by turning to high value-added, flexib-
          •  Wizard Plus rapier, airjet looms                   printing innovations at the ITM 2018 exhibition; the   le products. This is possible with the possibilities
          •  Genkinger transport trucks                         meeting point of the Turkish and regional textile   provided by digitalization. Profitability, productivity
          •  Scholze warp beam, back beams                      industry, in Hall 6 Booth 604B and C.        and flexibility that cannot be achieved with traditio-
          •  Naveta heddles, drop wires, reeds                  After reorganizing their structure in the Turkish   nal printing methods are made possible by digital
          •  Klöcker Leno heald, selvedge unit                  market last year, Mimaki welcomes their visitors   printing solutions. We talk about personalized pro-
          •  Grob batching units                                with their textile dealers A.I.T. and DigiMania toget-  ducts thanks to digitalization, we get rid of the need
          •  Hunziker temples                                   her at the same booth in this year’s exhibition.  to keep a high stock, we shorten the production and
          •  Derix weaving loom equipment                       Mimaki exhibits the digital printing solutions espe-  delivery times as never before. We are excited to
          •  Perlon monofilament                                cially demanded by the Turkish textile industry at   present our innovative and proven digital printing
          •  Klieverik calender                                 ITM 2018. General Manager of Mimaki Eurasia Ar-  solutions to textile professionals at ITM 2018”.
          •  Crealet warp let-off device

                                                                       One of the  leading companies in weaving   rers will be tasked consequently. The impact of
                                                                       machine production SMIT introduce its denim,   the Industry 4.0 model should not be unde-
                                                                       curtains and famous high-quality weaving
                                                                                                                restimated, and we will see the full potential
            Proud to Present its                                       towels in hall 2 at the booth 215 A at ITM 2018.   of such shift towards intelligent automation in
                                                                       New SMIT GS980 has improved in terms of
                                                                                                                the coming years. SMIT’s CEO Simone Rancan
                Latest Innovations                                     versatility, performance, production quality,   says that, “We need to be ready to see deve-
                                                                       efficiency, sustainability and is the fastest free
                                                                                                                lopments from the yarns to the surface treat-
                                                                       flight rapier machine on the market. The free
                                                                                                                ments: weaving machinery producers need to
                                  at ITM 2018                          flight ribbons system marks out SMIT weaving   be ready to rethink some processes which may
                                                                       machine since years: smart and flexible, SMIT
                                                                                                                became obsolete due to new technology.”
                                                                       GS980 has been designed and manufactured
                                                                       in Italy combining some of the most reliable   Rancan, “Worldwide and particularly in Turkey,
                                                                                                                we see steady and constant growth of interest
                                                                       SMIT features with groundbreaking function
                                                                       solutions that make SMIT GS980 an asset that   towards high-end equipment. Customers are
                                                                       will keep its value for a long time.     more and more conscious of the total cost of
                                                                       The company chose to name the machine    ownership and they know that, additionally to
                                                                       GS980 after the 80th anniversary of SMIT whi-  the new investments, in the end running costs
                                                                       ch was founded in Italy in 1938 and soon turned   are what matter the most.
                                                                       out to be an estimated leading manufacturer of   Customers are moving towards productions of
                                                                       weaving machines.                        higher quality fabrics and some of them are lo-
                                                                       Textile business will, undoubtedly, include   oking to exploit some market niches where they
                                                                       the effects of such a radical change. Final   can find more profitability. In these circumstan-
                                                                       customers are changing their production and   ces we are very pleased to see that our SMIT
                                                                       distribution models and machine manufactu-  looms are very well positioned.” says.

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