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          Amazes with Latest

          Innovations at ITM

          Has Group, one of Turkey’s
          largest textile finishing
          machinery manufacturer,
          is preparing to introduce
          their products deve-
          loped with the latest
          technology to its
          visitors at ITM 2018. One
          of the products that Has
          Group introduces at the
          ITM 2018 Exhibition is the
          new generation vertical brushing machine
          CSM6, which brings a different perspective to brushing
          machines. With the “moving parts” technology used in this product,
          Has Group has been able to provide individual motion capability to all brushing
          and pressure cylinder lines. It also makes it possible to achieve different brush
          effects from the same fabric with “free action” technology, which has the ability to
          change the speed and direction of the brush rotation while reducing this difference
          during brushing for the fabrics with offshades at the edges.
          Another product Has Group will introduce is the Electrostatic Filter and Heat Recyc-
          ling System, to be exhibited at ITM 2018 Exhibition; which ensures “energy saving”               ®
          by heating the ambient air required in the cabinets and taking advantage of the      USTER  TESTER 6
          temperature of the exhaust air from the exhaust pans on Ram machines operating      Welcome to the Total Testing Center™ –
          at high temperatures.
          An ESP unit used for removing unwanted particles also helps recover the waste heat   where data drives quality and profi t
          with the heat exchanger by high-efficiency filtration, odor and waste particles/oil re-
          fining. The heat exchanger, also used to heat clean air, offers effective solutions with
          self-cleaning simple installation and disassembly features. The radiator in the sys-  Brand new sensor technology in the USTER  TESTER 6 opens
          tem and the aluminum wings in stainless steel pipe gradually reduce the flue gas    the door to greater accuracy and reliability than ever – at
          temperature with water heating the high heat transfer capacity and the automatic    blazing fast speeds. Test data shows spinners the full picture,
          flushing unit. Thus, while providing high heat transfer, automated cleaning is carried   with all the options for assured quality and cost-effective
          out with the nozzle system by bringing exhaust gas to the desired temperature.      production.

                                                                                              The Total Testing Center™ – incorporated in the USTER
          Another Favorite Machine That Has Group Will Introduce                              TESTER 6 – combines results from laboratory tests with
          Is The Renewed RAM X2                                                               online data, providing 100 % quality control. It covers all the
          The RAM X2, designed in a new structure, with machine cabinets being completely     spinning mill processes, and extends the options as each
          demountable (threaded structure), has been produced entirely by Has-Group with a    instrument connects to the system. It’s a unique business
          new design. With a strong chain structure, the machine offers significant solutions   tool, transforming data into practical choices for quality
          for knitwear, weaving, nonwoven, denim and technical textile industries.            yarns and profitable production.

                                                                                              The new USTER  TESTER 6 sets new global standards in
          RCM-D and STM-X Steam Machines Are Among Products                                   evenness testing – and is the starting point for future mill
          To Be Introduced At The Exhibition                                                  management.
          RCM-D and STM-X Steaming Machines, which offers the possibility to raise fabrics
          with two different passes on one side of the fabric or on the front and back surfa-
          ces of tube fabrics with drums and operation cylinders which can be operated with
          different directions of rotation, are two favorites of Has Group to introduce at the
          exhibition stand.

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