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                          14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

                                   Meeting Point                                                                ITM, Yarn, Hightex

                                   for Textile                                                                  Exhibitions

                                   Technology                                                                   Create Qualified

                                   Leaders, ITM is a                                                            Opportunities for
 EFI  Reggiani COLORS
                                   Gain for Turkey                                                              Participants
                NECİP GÜNEY                                                                 BÜLENT ÜNAL
            Teknik Fairs Chairman of The Board                                            Tüyap Chairman of The Board

 THE SPECTACULAR COLORS    At the end of 24 months of awaiting with great enthusiasm, we are starting the Exhibiti-  Dear Friends,
          on happily, peacefully and with new hopes. ITM International Textile Machinery Exhi-
          bition held every 2 years,  is an exhibition with participants from many countries in the
          world, from Turkey to China, Eastern Europe to Western Europe, which all textile techno-  We are pleased to once again host the world textile industry with ITM Istan-
                                                                                      bul International Textile Machinery Exhibition, which we organize every two
          logy manufacturers from Asia and Africa know and keep an eye on.            years.
 YOUR CREATIVITY DESIRES  We started working for this fabulous organization about 2 years ago, which is the heart-  It takes a great deal of know-how and great efforts to bring the development
                                                                                      of this industry, which creates a great employment and economic value in
          land of the textile world. Within this 24-month period, we have visited many technology
          producers in many parts of the world, especially in Iran, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Egypt,   our world, and new technologies to those concerned and make them meet at
          Pakistan, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Russia, in the scope of sales and promotion   a very reliable center – the Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center in Istanbul.
          activities of our company, and we met some of them at the exhibitions.      The experiences of the two organizers, namely Tüyap and Teknik Fairs Inc.,
 EFI Reggiani COLORS — the new, unparalleled textile printer from EFI Reggiani    MEETING POINT FOR GOBAL LAUNCHES   in this field, Tüyap’s investments in exhibition centers, and the efforts of the
                                                                                      qualified teams of both groups with up to 750 employees, play a significant
          I can say with heartfelt comfort that in addition to being a traditional organization held   role in the success of this exhibition.
 — will bring your creativity to the world in an explosion of colour. With up to 12    every 2 years, ITM is the meeting point where textile technology leaders want to launch   With its possibilities, Hotel Tüyap Palas a 5 star hotel with 630 rooms, which
          their products first. This also shows that participating companies attach a great deal   is the first in the world, offer a great comfort for participants of the ITM 2018
          of importance to the ITM Trade Exhibition held in Istanbul, located in the geographical   Exhibition, which will be held in the indoor exhibition area of 120.000 sqm
 different colours in a row and 24 printing heads, you can extend your colour   region where Europe and Asia intersect. This is a sign that thanks to ITM they reach   from 14th till 17th of April 2018. In addition to the ITM, exhibitions in two other
          companies who want show their latest technological innovations or renew their tech-  complementary fields–Yarn and Technical Textile–will be held simultane-
          nologies. In addition, the fact that many visitors from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tunisia,   ously. Textile Machinery Exhibition, composed of yarn, knitting, weaving, fin-
 gamut and depth, increase penetration, and enhance printing quality and   Algeria, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kazakhstan and   ishing, dyeing, printing and all the supplementary elements of the industry,
          many other countries have applied to consulates for visa and we have sent them invita-  is hosting 1,050 companies and company representatives from 45 countries.
          tion letters to them, show that we will have a big participation.  This achievement is a big   Yarn Exhibition hosts 318 companies and representatives from 19 countries.
 uniformity. Plus, the higher reliability and reduced maintenance will ensure   gain for Turkey, not only for us. Taking into consideration that the Textile Machinery Exhi-
          bition held in Europe was organized with the support of 8 countries, it is a test for Teknk   1450 PARTICIPANT FROM 64 COUNTRIES
          Fuarcılık and Tüyap to bring together a large number of textile technology producers,   Technical Textile Exhibition, covering an important matter of  the future is
 superior productivity with excellent printing results.  participating companies and visitors, and continents and cultures.  the hosting 82 participating organizations. A total of 1,450 companies and
          Successfully passing this test requires great responsibility and duty awareness. As   company representatives are bringing their efforts to the representatives of
          Tuyap and Teknik Fuarcilik, we are aware of this duty and responsibility. One of the   the industry.
          owners of this success is undoubtedly Tüyap with its significant infrastructure. Because   With its opoulation over 80 million, its own domestic market reaching to a
 Get started at  it is not an easy job to bring together and satisfy such large companies. We need to   very large scale, and its increasing exports figures, for textile products Turkey
          arrange to fully meet the infrastructure requirements such as electricity, air, and water   is in need of new investments, growth for these investment and renewing
          for companies which bring heavy machine parks. Tüyap has a big exhibition experien-  with new technologies.
          ce and technical know-how in this regard. When this experience is combined with the   The exhibitions offer great opportunities for all participants and visitors to
          know-how and command of knowledge of Teknik Fuarcılık in the sector, a successful   reach the increasing demands of machinery, equipment and intermediate
          organization emerges.                                                       goods of in the textile industry of the countries from the Balkans to Russia,
 LET US BE THE FUEL  TEXTILE WORLD MEETS AT 3 GREAT EXHIBITIONS                       Caucasus, the Middle East, and North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

          One important aspect of the ITM 2018 is the simultaneous organization of the 15th   OVER 50 THOUSAND VISITORS
          International Istanbul Yarn Exhibition, the HIGHTEX 2018 International Technical Textiles   Istanbul is one of the few cities in the world with direct links to more than
          & Nonwoven Exhibition and the 8th International Textile Conference (ETT). Each of these   300 cities. We are all indebeted gratitude to the Turkish Airlines for sup-
          three exhibitions, which are strong in their respective fields, gathering under the same   porting with all its possibilities this great meeting organized for the textile
          roof in a sense of unity, shows that we hold an exhibition that is integrated with its   industry.
          customers.                                                                  The Yarn and HIGHTEX Technical Textile Exhibitions, and in particular the
 VISIT HALL 6, STAND 607.  As a result, we can say that everyone is very well prepared for this great meeting the   ITM 2018 Exhibition organized concurrently, will create, I am certain, to all

          textile world expects with great impatience. Indeed, we should be well-prepared for   participating companies and 50.000 professional visitors expected from
          our exhibitors and visitors and so many industry representatives who are coming from   more than 80 countries, great and qualified opportunities as usual.
          miles away, and believe in the importance of the exhibition in Turkey. Our aim is to move   We are very pleased to be together with you at the exhibitions, and to host
          this unity and this solidarity further in 2020. We would like to thank once again all parti-  all concerned parties Tüyap Istanbul, in our country.
 Nothing herein should be construed as a warranty in addition to the express warranty statement provided with EFI products and services. EFI, FabriVU, Fiery, the Fiery logo, and VUTEk are trademarks of Electronics
 For Imaging, Inc. and/or its wholly owned subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or certain other countries. ©2018 Electronics For Imaging, Inc. All rights reserved  cipating companies who believed and trusted us and wish and hope that this exhibition   Hoping to meet also at the Exhibition 2020 to be held from June 3rd to 6th, I
          will bring good results for them and us. Looking forwatd to meeting you in 2020.  wish you happiness and prosperities.

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