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                          14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

                      Carpet Weaving Expert

          at ITM with Latest Technologies

                                                        velvets. The main specs   able to weave carpets with up to 5 mil-  the Myriad, designs of 240 m² without
                                                           of the machine include   lion points per square meter, creating   repeat are possible for wall-to-wall
                                                             parallel reed motion,  niche high end products. The same   side matching. The Myriad is available
                                                                reinforced cross   machine is able to weave carpets in   up to 1/12” gauge and can be equip-
                                                                   members,       reed 750 dents per meter, with 16 colour   ped with double sliding needlebar. All
                                                                   single beams  frames.
                                                                   over the full   The HCiX2 is perfectly suited for   Cobble tufting machines are available
                                                                   width and up   picture weaving: instead of the tra-  up to 5 meters width.
                                                                   to 24 servo    ditional labor-intensive designing of
                                                                   driven smart   woven carpet, a photo-realistic picture   Van de Wiele; SUPERBE strong in
                                                                   frames.        is processed in real time and conver-  Turkey Market
                                                                   The VSi        ted to a design that fits the weaving   Superba, a world leader in heat-setting
                                                                   “345”-type is   machine. The HCiX2 is also available   and space-dyeing for carpet yarn, and
                                                              now available for   in the common configurations 1200/8,   member of the Van De Wiele family
                                                        plain velvets as well as   1000/10, 1000/8…                   of companies, is well established in
                                                   jacquard velvets including light   The Colortec, in combination with the
          Van de Wiele exhibits its innovations   viscose carpets and prayer rugs.  in-house developed software TuftLink,   Turkey with their agent Samoteks in
          in weaving field in hall 2, at the booth   The new showpiece in carpet weaving   is able to produce carpet with multiple   Istanbul, a permanent team of technici-
          2012-A at ITM 2018 Exhibition. Van   is the “HCiX2” in reed 1500 dents per   density and color gradients. Also, it is   ans in the field, and Bilge, their partner
          de Wiele presens a world’s first the 3   meter, 8 colour frames (1500/8). This   perfectly suitable for imitation hand-  in Gaziantep, acting as the official
          meter execution of the Velvet Smart   high density carpet weaving machine,   tuft qualities up to 4.2 kg/m², even with   distributor for spare parts with a large
          Innovator VSi for plain and jacquard   available in 3 and 4 meters width, is   combinations of different yarns. With   inventory immediately available.

                  Advanced Rotary

         Screen Solutions Feature at ITM 2018

          SPGPrints’ digital printing solutions                                                                       resses moiré effects in halftones.
          using Archer® technology digital and                                                                        To achieve the best results from
          advanced rotary screens for apparel                                                                         SPGPrints’ NovaScreen line, direct
          applications are presented on its                                                                           laser engraving, and laser imaging
          stand (Hall 6 Stand 606B) at ITM                                                                            solutions can cut screen preparation
          2018.                                                                                                       times, accelerate throughput and inc-
          Highlights of the digital offering at                                                                       rease productivity. Information about
          the stand will be the 1850mm-wide                                                                           these laser engraving systems will be
          version of the JAVELIN® printer, a                                                                          available at the stand.
          programme of inks for a wide range of                                                                       The SPGPrints bestLEN offers sta-
          fabrics, and information on other digi-                                                                     te of the art direct laser engraving
          tal printers using Archer technology.                                                                       for effortless, repeatable quality in
          The six-colour JAVELIN printer is a                                                                         screen imaging. Direct laser engraving
          production scanning printer that uses
          SPGPrints’ unique Archer technology                                                                         is a single-step dry process: simply
          and Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print he-  le on the stand about the SPGPrints   Director, SPGPrints Baskı. “For the past   engrave the desired design and print.
          ads to fire variable drops of ink (2-10   PIKE® printer that offers high-speed,   year, Tekboy Tekstil, here in Istanbul,   This eliminates costly consumables
          pL) up to 4mm to the substrate.     single-pass production using the    has been running its JAVELIN printer   such as film, ink or chemicals, and
          With an output of up to 367 linear   same proven Archer technology.     to supplement production capacity   time-consuming processes like expo-
          metres per hour, the JAVELIN is suited   “Since its debut at ITM 2016, the   and meet increased demands for   sing and washing.
          for medium output levels, and situa-  JAVELIN printer has been installed   shorter runs, rapid turnarounds, and   SPGPrints’ smartLEX 7430 laser expo-
          tions where more frequent changes   at textile printing operations around   on-demand sample printing.”     sing system uses unique multibeam
          between different fabrics and ink   the world, complementing existing   Also on the stand will be SPGPrints’   diode technology that combines long
          chemistries are required. For higher   digital machines and screen produc-  RandomScreen®, a 125 mesh has a   lifetime, high productivity and resolu-
          volumes, information will be availab-  tion,” said Hakan Uzman, Managing   79-micron hole-size screen, that sup-  tions of up to 2540dpi.


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