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                          14 - 1 7 NİSAN 2018

          MBK Dilmenler: “We Aim to Make Our

          Brand Globally Recognizable”

          Having made a distinguished name for                                                                        the ITM 2018. Hosting its customers at
          itself in the textile machinery industry,                                                                   the booth accustomed by the  represen-
          Dilmenler is participating at ITM 2018                                                                      tatives from India, Bangladesh, Uzbe-
          Exhibition in 2 separate halls this year.                                                                   kistan, Egypt and European countries,
          Launching its color finishing machines                                                                      the company is making a name for itself
          and printing technologies, Dilmenler is                                                                     stronger than before thanks to the ITM
          actively continuing its productions since                                                                   2018 Exhibition.
          1982.                                                                                                       Uğur Şenel, Regional Sales Manager of
          Dilmenler is introducing its latest                                                                         Dilmenler, states that “At ITM, we are
          technological machines and products to                                                                      reviving the textile industry as well as
          participants and visitors at Hall 12 (Dye                                                                   our country. New companies have the
          and Finishing Machines Hall) and at                                                                         chance to be inspired by us while old
          Hall 6 (Printing and Digital Printing Ma-                                                                   companies are getting stronger thanks
          chines Hall). Manufacturing machinery                                                                       to the exhibition. We aim to make our
          for fabric, processed dye and finishing,                                                                    brand globally recognizable.”
          Dilmenler is displaying its products at                           Uğur ŞENEL                                Emphasizing that the ITM 2018 is quite
          two separate halls with MBK –another                          Area Sales Manager Of Dilmenler               successfull compared to other exhi-
          sub-brand of Dilmenler. Displaying the                                                                      bitions, Şenel says Turkey has a very
          newly produced sanforizing machine  at   company is introducing its rotational   company also has the advantage of   strong position in textile machinery ma-
          ITM 2018, Dilmenler is also having its   printing machine under the MBK brand.   increasing its exports by gaining a   nufacturing on a global scale, and “We
          dyeing machine at its booth with the   Exporting approximately 80% of its   better market potential  thanks to its   take great pride in our country’s stren-
          innovations of its R&D Department. The   production to over 30 countries, the   international participants and visitors at   gth in the textile industry.” he added.


          Our Product Range Met Great

          Interest From Visitors

                                              support and spare parts sales in the   round knitting in Turkey and also in the   exhibition. Also representatives from
                                              textiles market.                    world. So, our product range has met   other surrounding countries sent their
                                              Giving us a brief on their machines   great interest from the visitors. At the   on-site sale representatives here. The-
                                              which they display at the ITM Inter-  exhibition we have shown once again   re are representatives from Iran and
                                              national Textile Machinery Exhibition,   the tenacity and determination Mayer   Russia. So, ITM is a versatile exhibition
                                              Vice President T. Kahraman Güveri   Mümessillik has to be in the service of
                                              said: “We have displayed the globally   the Turkish textile industry.”  event. We consider ITM as an event
                                              recognized machines of Mayer&Cie                                        which will replace ITMA. Because this
                                              and Stoll. These are round and plain   ITM Will Replace ITMA            event is not in the form of an exhibition
                                              knitting machines. Leading the plain   Noting that the ITM International   adressing only knitting or textile machi-
                   T. Kahraman GÜVERİ         knitting technology for years in Tur-  Textile Machinery Exhibition is the   nery industry. So, there is a clientele
                 Vice President Of Mayer Mümessillik  key, the 135-year old German brand   organization which sustains its poten-  who are considering integration. When
                                              Stoll continues to be the successful   tial at the most as it is held every two   people from various courses within
                                              manufacturer of the most widely used   years, Güveri says “For this reason, the
          Mayer Mümessillik Tekstil Ticaret Ltd.   machines in the tricot industry today   exhibition both attracts a great number   that integration process develop inte-
          Şti., representing world-known German   with the motto “My Stoll, My Future”.   of participants, and hosts people with   rest in our field, ITM presents itself as
          brands Stoll and Mayer & Cie. in Tur-  Mayer&Cie, another brand they repre-  international portfolio. Management   an opportunity. In this sense, I can say
          key, continues its services on machine   sent in Turkey, is the epitome of many   team at the German brand we repre-  that this is an organization with high
          sales, consulting, after-sales technical   groundbreaking innovations in the   sent provides a big participation at this  added-value.”

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