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                          14 - 1 7 NİSAN 2018

                         ITM 2018 Opens Its Doors to All

                         Visitors and Participants

          ITM 2018 International Textile Machinery Exhibition, being held in cooperation with Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık
          A.Ş. and Teknik Fairs Inc. in partnership with TEMSAD (Association of Textile Machinery and Accessories
          Manufacturers) between 14-17 April this year, has opened its doors to all visitors and participants with the

          opening ceremony in the Tüyap Fair and Convention Center.

          Necip Güney, Chairman of the Board
          Teknik Fairs Inc. and Bülent Ünal,
          Tüyap Chairman of the executive
          board realized the opening ceremony
          with broad participation.  Beylikdüzü
          Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu, TEMSAD
          President Adil Nalbant, ITAMMA
          President Kaizar Z. Mahuwala, Picanol
          Marketing Communications Manager
          Erwin Devloo, IRO General Manager
          Mikeal Äremann and other important
          names from the textile world have
          participated this ceremony.
          The ITM 2018 Exhibition, which has
          become a textile technology show
          with the participation of professionals
          from the textile sector, participant
          companies, press members and vis-
          itors, will continue to host its guests
          for four days. During the exhibition,   continues to keep its finger on the   weaving, knitting, digital printing,   the sector and to follow the innova-
          many textile machinery leaders will   pulse of the industry as it did in the   dyeing and finishing, are offering the   tions.
          make their world launches.          last years.                         latest technological products to tastes   The fact that ITM 2018, HIGHTEX 2018
          This great meeting held in Istanbul,   The ITM 2018 Exhibition has trans-  of visitors.                     International Technical Textiles &
          where the countries are geographical-  formed into a show of textile technol-  The exhibition, in which the latest   Nonwoven Exhibition, the 15th Inter-
          ly close to each other, allows repre-  ogies with the participation and visit   machinery and technologies of the   national Istanbul Yarn Exhibition and
          sentatives of the sector to introduce   of hundreds of manufacturers who   world’s leading names in the textile
          the latest technologies in ITM 2018   have developed pioneering technol-  machinery world are introduced, is   the 8th International Istanbul Textile
          for the first time. The ITM exhibition,   ogies in the field. The companies,   offering tremendous business oppor-  Conference ETT 2018 are held simul-
          which has been a bridge between the   which serves in all the subbranches   tunities for all professionals who want   taneously under the same roof is
          Eastern and Western textile worlds,   of the sector such as  cotton yarn,   to keep their fingers on the pulse of   increasing the excitement.

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