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                                                                                                                                                                     True to life

                                                                                                                                                                     digital textile

                          14 - 1 7 NİSAN 2018

                                                                                                                                                                     The ultimate evolution of the Monna Lisa range
                                                                                                                                                                     with the Epson PrecisionCore print heads
          Picanol at ITM 2018 with High Expectations                                                                                                                 and the Genesta inks, the Evo Tre model
                                                                                                                                                                     combines true to life quality, high productivity
                                                                                                                                                                     and the flexibility to print on any kind of fabrics,
                                                                                                                                                                     to meet the demands of an increasingly
          Erwin Devloo, Marketing Communi-   electronic drive of the cloth fell mecha-                                                                               dynamic market at industrial level.
          cation Manager of Picanol expresses   nism guarantees a perfect pile forma-
          their big expectation from the exhi-  tion and enables weavers not only to                                                                                 Monna Lisa Evo Tre is the technologically
          bition: “We have a lot of customers   program the pile height loop by loop,                                                                                advanced heart of Total Solution,
          from Turkey and from neighbouring   but also to program the pre-beat-up                                                                                    the complete integrated system in which
                                                                                                                                                                     F.lli Robustelli, For.Tex and Epson
          countries. ITM is a good exhibition   distance of every single filling yarn.                                                                               have committed themselves to offering
          and well organized. We have to con-  Picanol’s high performing airjet weav-                                                                                a maximum guarantee and assistance
          gragulate Mr. Necip Güney and his   ing machine, the OMNIplus Summum                                                                                       during the entire production cycle.
          team for doing a good job.”        is equipped with fully electronic pres-

                                             sure regulators, a separate built-in air                                                                                Find out more on
          Picanol presents rapier and airjet   tank for each weaving channel and
          innovations                        a unique triple air tank configuration
          Picanol showcases two rapier and two                                                                                                                       VISIT US AT ITM
          airjet weaving machines at ITM 2018.   for the relay nozzles. This improves                                                                                Hall 5 - Booth 505A
          Picanol is known to have an outstand-  the user-friendliness and flexibility of
          ing track record in production of high-  the machine and significantly reduces
          tech rapier machines. One of these   energy consumption.
          machines, The OptiMax-i is available   Picanol has been active in Turkey
          in reed widths ranging from 190 to 540   since 1998 with an own organization
          centimeters. With its Guided Gripper   and with offices in Istanbul and Bursa,
          system (GC) and Free Flight system   employing a total of 26 people. The
          (FF) it is also the most versatile. The   company, besides sales activities,
          other one, TerryMax-i rapier weaving   they ensure local service, print repair
                                                                                                               Erwin DEVLOO
          machine, which has been developed   and the availability of a strategic                       Marketing Communication Manager of Picanol
          for terry towel production. The direct   stock of spare parts.

                                              Savio Presents the New

                                              Winder Modern Eco PulsarS

                                              Savio is one of the leading companies   the market is very big.”        of buying the newest technologies, the
                                              in the yarn finishing machine sector.   Gabriele Tonin stresses that the Turk-  Turkish market will increase for sure.”
                                              Area Sales Manager in charge in     ish textile market will increase again.
                                              Turkey for Savio, Gabriele Tonin says   Because Turkish people have a very   ITM Meeting Point for Different
                                              Turkey is a very important market for   high history of textile so they have the   Countries
                                              them. Turkey is very close to Europe, so  know how to produce the products   According to Tonin ITM is a very
                                              it is the only market in the area which   and also here in Turkey a very high   important exhibition, because here in
                                              can provide to Europe all the textile   quality of cotton is produced. For sure   Turkey you have many textile areas:
                                              products in a very high quality. Tonin   Turkey will increase again its poten-  “You have the textile area of Kahram-
                                              explains their policy: “Our company   tial market.                      anmaraş for wool, the area of Gazian-
                                              is always investing a lot in this type   For this exhibition Savio exposes the   tep mostly for acrylic yarn, the area of
                                              of market, because we are participat-  new winder Modern Eco Pulsars.   Osmaniye where you have polyester,
                                              ing to all the exhibitions, we have an   Tonin argues that in Turkey this ma-  viscose, blends etc., in Uşak, in Bursa.
                                              agency here. We have two spare parts   chine is a new type of machine which   You cannot make a small exhibition
                                              productions and also we setting up a   will sound very interesting, because   in all these textile areas. It is much
                                              technical service. We have five Turkish   it is consuming very low electrical   better to make a big exhibition like
                                              technicians and many Italian techni-  energy. Tonin adds: “Also it is very   here in Istanbul. By making this big
                                              cians are going up and down. This is   important to underline this, we are in   exhibition here, many customers from
                                              because for us this market is very big   the market producing these machine   other countries will attend. I have seen
                                              we are selling at the moment a huge   for almost 2 years. But in Turkey we   many people from Iran, from Uzbeki-
                                              number of machines. Machines for cot-  have already 200 machines and this   stan and our customers for Turkmen-        F.lli Robustelli and For.Tex
                                              ton, for acrylic, for wool and for all type   is a very good signal, because Turkey   istan. Because everybody in this area   belong to the Epson Group.
                    Gabriele TONIN            of products. For Savio I repeat Turkey is  is always buying the latest technology  consider Turkey as the head of textile   All trademarks are the property
                  Regional Sales Vice President                                                                                                                      of their respective owners.
                                              a very important market, because here   products. And because of this attitude   market. “

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