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                       14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

                         ITM 2018 Hosts Launchings

                         of Global Brands

                                                                               emphasizing the intense interest    Highlighting the fact that the biggest
                                                                               shown in ITM 2018. Güney points out   factor of this success is, undoubtedly,
                                                                               the work they did during the promotion   that it is being held in Istanbul, which
                                                                               activities for the ITM exhibition for 2   acts as a bridge connecting the east
                                                                               years as the reason for this intense   and the west, Necip Güney said “Also
                                                                               interest, and said “Our participants are   due to the fact that textile manufactur-
                                                                               very pleased about the huge inter-  ers from Iran, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia,
                                                                               est. Participants have also specially   Morocco, Pakistan and Bangladesh
                                                                               expressed their satisfaction about the   are experiencing visa issues on their
                                                                               considerable number of foreign visi-  trips to Europe due to the aggravated
                                                                               tors. I must also point out that, starting   visa conditions of the Schengen policy,
                                                                               from the first day, many companies   while they do not experience any such
                                                                               have commenced serious cooperations  problems when they come to Turkey,
                                                                               and have sold a considerable number   is causing an increase in the number of
                                                                               of machines. If the influx of visitors   visitors at our exhibition and added, “It
                                                                               continues as it did on the first two days  has been a great source of pride and
                                                                               (which I am sure it will) I think that the   honor for us that textile leaders have
                                                                               targeted number of visitors is going to   preferred ITM 2018 to display their
                                                                               be exceeded.”                       technologies.”

                                     Necip GÜNEY
                                Teknik Fairs Chairman of The Board

       The largest exhibition for textile   ence on the second day of the event.
       machinery in the region of the Middle   Speaking about the significance of
       East and Near East, ITM 2018, opened   ITM, Güney said “The huge number of
       its doors on 14  April to visitors and   participants was not a surprise for us.
       participants with a record-breaking   We are happy to enjoy the results of
       participation from around the world.   our efforts we put in this organization
       Necip Güney, Chairman of the Board of   in the last 2 years.”
       Teknik Fuarcılık, held a press confer-  Necip Güney began his speech by

                           Presents its New Products

       Monforts which is known to be a global                                                                      According to Päffgen, Monforts has
       leader among the manufacturers and                                                                          been participating ITM since many ye-
       exporters of textile machines attends                                                                       ars and from year to year the exhibition
       ITM 2018. Monforts Area Sales Ma-                                                                           becomes more and more important
       nager Thomas Päffgen states that                                                                            for the company. “The Turkish market
       Monforts is a leading company in the                                                                        is really important as well the neigh-
       field of finishing: “Monforts presents                                                                      borhood, so that means we talk with
       the new products especially standard                                                                        costumers from Egypt, Russia from
       frame with an integrated heat recove-                                                                       Ozbekistan, Turkmenistan. It is an
       ring in air cleaning system. There is our                                                                   international important exhibition for
       module what we show here on the ex-                                                                         us” says Päffgen.
       hibition as well we present our sanfo-                                                                      Monforts company had the chance to
       risers specially for denim and shirting                                                                     meet up with new customers at ITM
       material as well for home textile and                                                                       2018. “Now we have one and a half
       the other field of products we offered                                                                      days we are happy we had a lot of
       to our customer continuously dyeing                                                                         good discussion. We meet new compa-
       ranges. We are the market leader in                             Thomas PÄFFGEN                              nies, we saw friends and we are really
       this field.”                                                  Monforts Area Sales Manager                   happy, we are satisfied.”

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