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14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

 YingYang Plans to Expand Market Share

       We Have Met a

       4-Day Performance

       Within 2 Days at ITM

                                  Mehmet Paşa İPEKÇİ
                                    ZTM Board Member

       Starting a great venture not so long after starting their production of textile
       fabric dyeing and finishing machines, ZTM - Zümrüt Group is introducing their   SINCRO MULTIPLA AIR JET
                                                                                    Since 2006
       innovations in Hall 14 (Dyeing and Finishing Machines Hall) in ITM 2018.
       ZTM is displaying stenter machines, 3-pass machines, 4 cabinets, 1 drying ma-
       chine, as well as fabric dyeing machines at ITM 2018 Exhibition. Bringing two
       cabin-shaped stenter machines in two passes, ZTM carries out fabric fixing
       and finishing operations in their designated area for stenter machines. Also
       exhibiting a drying machine which allows free drying and leveling of fabric,
       ZTM manufactured this machine in order to avoid the problems of shrinkage
       in non-lycra fabrics in the dryer. At the same time, they have manufactured a
       multi-pump dyeing machine. Offering its products to customers at ITM, unlike
       other companies, ZTM employs a system which uses multiple pumps which
       can provide equal water access to the channels.
       ZTM Board Member Mehmet Paşa İpekçi, who stated that he participated
       at ITM for the first time this year, said “We last met with Necip Güney, the
       Chairman of the Board of Teknik Fuarcılık, at an exhibition in Iran. Mr. Necip
       has increased ITM’s awareness by participating in events at different points of
       the world. As we see the participants and visitors from various countries in the
       exhibition, we understand this better. We are also very pleased with this.”                   SINCRO MULTIPLA AIRJET DUAL CORE
       Assessing ITM 2018, Ipekci said “Today it is our second day. We have about                    Since 2015
       900 square meters in the exhibition area. The first day was very intense with
       much more interest than we expected. We are very pleased with this intensity
       which continues today the same way. We also get a very good performance
       from ITM 2018 Exhibition with a presentation team of about 20 people. These
       two days were like a four-day performance compared to other events. We think
       that if we go this way we will finish the exhibition as we expect.”

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