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                       14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

                                       We Are Proud to Introduce

                                       GS 980 in Istanbul

       Santex Rimar Group, one of the      ght and pride in introducing the new
       leading participants at ITM 2018,   weaving machine GS 980 in Istanbul.
       introduces its new weaving machine   Rancan said that GS 980 is a suitable
       GS980 in Istanbul. We visited the   machine for denim applications, and
       Santex Group at their booth whe-    the new SMIT GS980 is the fastest
       re they informed us that they were   free-moving rapier loom in the market

                                                                               SMIT’s CEO Simone Rancan says they  Satisfied with the ITM as a well-orga-
                                                                               are introducing 3 weaving machines   nized event and being very pleased
                                                                               at the exhibition this year. The first   that it is getting more important every
                                                                               one is the weaving machine for denim   year, CEO says they are very glad that
                                                                               applications. Noting that they are also  the organization has a lot of custo-
                                                                               introducing the weaving machine for   mers. According to Rancan it is very
                                                                               the curtains, Rancan said it was very   positive that customers are coming
                                                                               interesting for the local market. Finally,  not only from Turkey, but also from
                                                                               he explaines that they are introdu-  all over the world. Rancan says that
                                                                               cing a renowned high-quality towel   the organization has become more
       quite satisfied with the course of the   which has been improved in terms of   weaving machine, and expressed their  and more international every year, by
       exhibition. CEO of Group SMIT Simone  versatility, performance, production   pride in displaying their talent at the   noting that participating countries are
       Rancan expressed their great deli-  quality, efficiency and sustainability.  event.                         mainly Pakistan, Iran and Egypt.

       CORRECTION:       In the news of Smit Company, which was published in the first issue of the Daily News on 14  of April, an old photo and
                         logo were mistakenly used. We apologize for this error from the company.

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