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                       14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

                                           ITM is Indispensable for the

                                           Textile Sector

                                           Our Priority is Digital
                                           Hakan Uzman, General Manager of
                                           SPGPrints Printing Systems, states
                                           that they are completely focusing on
                                           digital at this exhibition, as it was at
                                           the previous ITM Exhibition. Uzman
                                           says, “As SPGPrints, we see digital
                                           as the future of printing. We also
                                           share our conventional printing-re-
                                           lated templates and other solutions
                                           from our history, to which we attach
                                           great importance. Our priority and
                  Hakan UZMAN                                                  Europe. I think that this exhibition has  ting machine, which uses SPGPrints’
                SPGPrints Managing Director  our main subject are digital as usual.   a great importance both for Turkey   unique Archer technology and the
                                           Every day we print 5 themes in the
       SPG Prints, which displays Rotation   exhibition. Our machines are in wor-  and for the region. As SPG Prints, we   Fujifilm Dimatix Samba print heads
       Print Template Solutions at ITM 2018,   king condition and we practically give   are pleased to be here globally”.  ejecting dye drop (2-10 pL) up to 4
       exhibits rotation printing solutions   technical information to our visitors”.  Supplemental in Template Production  meters from a distance to printing
                                                                                                                   surface, is a screen printing machine.
       using Archer technology developed   Observing that ITM Exhibition attra-  General Manager Hakan Uzman       Having a production speed of 367
       for fabric printing applications and the   cts great interest this year, Uzman   says that Javelin printing machines   meters per hour, JAVELIN is ideal for
       1850mm version of the JAVELIN printing   says, “We see intense activity in this   have been installed in textile prin-  medium-sized productions in which
       machine at its booth. Information on   exhibition both in terms of partici-  ting facilities around the world since   fabrics and dye chemicals need frequ-
       dyeing programs for a wide variety   pants and visitors. ITM is indispu-  their first introduction in ITM 2016. Mr.   ent replacement. The SPGPrints PIKE
       of fabrics and other digital printing   table the best exhibition in the field   Uzman also adds that these machines  printing machine, which uses Archer
       machines using Archer technology has   of textile machinery manufacturers   are complementary to existing digital   technology, which can produce fast
       been showcased at the booth of the   in Turkey. In addition, it is one of   machines and template production. He  and single pass production for higher
       company.                            the most important organizations in   states, “The six-color JAVELIN prin-  volumes, is at our booth”.

                                       ITM is a Really Important

                                       Exhibition For us

                                           new technologies will effect the future                                 important exhibiton for us because
                                           of the market. Maier states that there   Joachim Maier mentions the impor-  Turkey is important. ITM also influen-
                                           will be many advantages of newly    tance of joining ITM 2018 and adds:
                                           introduced USTER® TESTER 6 model.   “It’s important for us here in Turkey   ces Central Asia, Iran, Egypt and also
                                           The practical benefits delivered by the  to build a platform for customers to   Central Europe. This is a good oppor-
                                           machine range from assured quality   know what’s going on. ITM is a really   tunity for us.”
                                           control to expert process analysis and
                                           optimization of the entire spinning
                                           mill with the Total Testing Center.

                  Joachim MAIER            It is possible to estimate the look of
                Uster Marketing Manager
                                           a fabric with the Total Testing Center.
       Uster which is one of the global    Pilling, fabric appearance and weaving
       leaders in textile testing and quality   performance are among the Total
                                           Testing Center features which is being
       control, showcases USTER® TESTER    highlighted at ITM 2018. USTER is
       6 model to all these groups from the   excited to present the concept of the
       yarn business at ITM. Marketing     Total Testing Center, highlighting to
       Manager of Uster Joachim Maier      mill owners, operators, managers, te-
       stresses the importance of latest   chnicians and yarn sellers the specific
       innovations of the company and how   benefits they can expect.
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