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                       14 - 1 7 NİSAN 2018

                   Draws Great Interest with its New

                                           Technologies at ITM

       With its experienced staff and techno-  “We have included Kornit Digital, Ro-                               was initially very limited. Now it has
       logical infrastructure, Tetaş gathered   land, Shima Seiki brands on the digital                            improved very much. Recently, seam-
       many product groups from the past   printing group. We are also exhibiting                                  less jackets have started to be deve-
       to the present, and introduced new   new technologies of the Shima Seiki                                    loped. We are very happy to exhibit
       technology machines at ITM Exhibiti-  brand which we have been selling                                      these exciting technologies at our
       on where they participated at a large   for years. There machines have new                                  booth. We are trying to minimize the
       booth.                              models in which these add innovati-                                     labor by increasing the productivity of
       Tetaş Sales Director Kudret Çelebi   ons every day. Now we’re introducing                                   the companies with the solutions we
       stated that Turkey is having a rise and  them. In the apparel group, we brou-                               offer at the market.”
       said “The first quarter of 2018 was a   ght our Pegasus brand innovations                                   Underlining also that textiles will
       good period for us. We are continuing   together. In short, for us to exhibit all                           never end in Turkey, Çelebi says “Our
       this with ITM Exhibition. By combi-  these innovations and display them                                     country is in a region with advantages
       ning powers with brands likePegasus,   practically, this exhibition is a great                              and there is a very high quality produ-
       Kornit Digital, Shima Seiki, Tajima,   opportunity for us.”                                                 ction in Turkey. There is no country in
       Gemini, Kansai, Megasew, and Zoje,   Indicating that among new techno-                                      the region and the Far East to compete
       Tetaş is having a productive exhibition  logies there are revolutionary deve-                               in terms of quality. Major international
       experience.                         lopments in the tricot industry, Çelebi                                 manufacturers and suppliers prefer
       Also sharing information on the new   said, “This technology is a feature                                   Turkey because of the short deadli-
       machines they have included in their   which adds motion in clothings, and         Kudret ÇELEBİ            nes. This is a serious advantage for
       product groups, Kudret Çelebi says   three dimensions. This technology             Tetaş Sales Manager      our country.”

                          Attracts Attention with

                          its Label Loom Machines

                                                                               The Italian company MEI with 35 ye-  industry says Saporiti: “We try
                                                                               ars of experiences, is a dynamic and   constantly to optimise labels wea-
                                                                               technologically advanced company    ving process and easy-to-use loom
                                                                               which operates in the textile sector   system, just to help all the users to
                                                                               and bases its activities on innova-  become friendly and synergic with
                                                                               tion. MEI showcases its label loom
                                                                               machines at ITM 2018.               our machines, for reducing the de-
                                                                               MEI Director Giovanni Saporiti states   ad-time and the operative costs; our
                                                                               their expectations on ITM 2018 and   rule is high quality and flexibility at
                                                                               says they had the chance to meet    the lowest operating costs. We achie-
                                                                               new customers in the exhibition: “A   ve this through ongoing technological
                                                                               lot of customers are coming from Tur-  advancement, better products and
                                                                               key and some nearby countries like   unrivalled levels of support. Although
                                                                               Iran, Ozbekistan, Kazakistan etc. In
                                                                               general ITM is a good exhibition. The   we continue to strengthen our global
                                                                               organization is very well. I’m glad to   operation and serve new markets,
                                                                               be here.”                           we will always retain a strong local
                                                                               MEI is an established technological   focus so we can effectively serve our
                                  Giovanni SAPORITI
                                      MEI Director                             brand in the textile and garments   customers wherever they are.”

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