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14 - 1 7 NİSAN 2018
                                                                                     Dokusuz filtre kumaşları

                                                                                     için iğneleme hatları

       ITM 2018 is an

       Exhibition that

       Proves its Quality

                                                                                          Daha temiz hava ve

                                   Faruk KILIÇ
                                Feteks General Manager
       Founded in 2002, Feteks is the representative of the firms that have a well-de-    su için iğnelenmiş
       served reputation in the world and produce the machines used in textile
       dyehouses in Turkey. Apart from sales and marketing of machines, Feteks
       provides spare parts and after sales services. In addition, it is presenting its   dokusuz filtre
       latest products to its customers in the 12th Hall 1206A Booth at the ITM 2018
       Feteks General Manager Faruk Kılıç expressed their satisfaction from the ITM       kumaşları
       2018 Exhibition and said that the first two days were as busy as a bee and the
       products they exhibited attracted great interest.
       Saying that ITM Exhibition held in two years was a very valuable exhibition in
       the textile machinery sector, Kılıç underlined that the exhibition deserved more                  Sizi stantımıza
       attention than it attracted. However, it also reveals that participation is always
       higher when ITM is compared to other textile machinery exhibitions.                                davet ediyoruz.
       There are dyeing machines among the products developed by Feteks compa-                            Salon 9, Stant 905A
       red to those machines exhibited at ITM 2016. By growing in this area the firm,
       which adds automatic washing system to dyeing machines, introduces its
       products in its booth to its customers.
       In addition, the firm, which manufactured pre-washing machines to remove
       lycra on knitted fabrics before the thermofixing process or oil coming from
       knitting, has launched this product for the first time at ITM 2018. The machine,
       which has attracted great interest, continues to make owners of the firm happy.
       Apart from that, Feteks, which also sells the automatic pipetting machine of the
       company Color Service which it represents, are also very pleased thanks to this
       All of the companies Feteks represents are composed of Italy’s leading manu-
       facturers of dyeing machines. Feteks, which are the representatives of Braz-
       zoli and Ferraro, pioneering firms in their fields, sells automatic powder dye
       resolving and sending systems produced by Color Service firm. In addition, the                 DiloGroup
       Feteks firm introduces the products of Color Service, which manufactures auto-
       matic pipetting machines for the laboratory, at its booth at ITM 2018.                         P. O. Box 1551
       Kılıç made those evaluations about ITM exhibitions, “It strikes me that ITM                    69405 Eberbach / Germany
       exhibitions are attracting more visitors even if there are exhibitions held every              Phone +49 6271 940-0
       two years. It did not use to attract many visitors from foreign countries in the
       past. It has become a world famous exhibition and proven its quality in recent                 Fax +49 6271 711 42
       years”.                                                                              ,

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