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                          14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

                                 Displaying its Inkjet Textile Printer

                                 NASSENGER 10 at ITM 2018 Exhibition

          Participating at the ITM 2018 Konica   We are also informing our visitors about
          Minolta is displaying NASSENGER 10,   NASSANGER 10 as well as Konica
          a high-speed and high-resolution inkjet   Minolta solutions. Stating that there is a
          textile printer at its booth. Noting that   large participation at the exhibition from
          they are participating for the second   abroad, Doğan says, “This shows that
          time at the ITM exhibition, the biggest   the exhibition is an important organiza-
          textile exhibition in Turkey and the regi-  tion followed closely. We have also seen
          on, Konica Minolta Turkey’s Sales and
          Marketing Manager Orhan Doğan says,   that the textile sector is increasingly
          “We aim to reach professionals and   becoming more interested in digital tex-
          executives in the textile industry with   tile industry. We are pleased to see that
          the exhibition. We are bringing together   digital production has become increa-
          our customers with NASSANGER 10     singly important in the industry, and all
          which we are certain that it will meet   producers are willing to enter this new                     Orhan DOĞAN
          the printing needs of the textile industry.   area and research the market.”               Konica Minolta Turkey’s Sales and Marketing Manager

                    Showcasing                                                                   Displays Its

                Latest Label                                                                     Heat-Set

          Weaving Machines                                                           Machines at ITM 2018

                                                 Müller Sales & Marketing Ma-                                         Hailing from Gaziantep and speciali-
                                                 nager Christian Lerch gave us                                        zing in the production of textile machi-
                                                 information about Müller booth                                       nes since 1963, Örnek Makine succee-
                                                 at ITM 2018 and the products of                                      ded in scoring innumerable innovations
                                                 the company: “The machines                                           in the industry. The company has made
                                                 which we are showing at ITM                                          a name for itself both in Turkey and in
                                                 2018 are label weaving mac-                                          the global market, blending its 50 years
                                                 hine, rapier weaving machine                                         of know-how with modern technology.
                                                 and slitting machine for labels.                                     Integrating its innovative approach in
                                                 Also we have knitting machine                                        the most accurate way with the mac-
                                                                                            Mehmet DABANIYASTI
                                                 from our daughter company                Örnek Makine Chairman of the Board  hines they are producing  and trying
                                                 Comez in Italy.”                                                     to respond to the requirements of the
                                                 Lerch mentions that they            technology in the fastest way. Örnek Makine is experiencing an intense interest
                                                 consider themselves as the          from visitors at ITM 2018. Mehmet Dabanıyastı, Örnek Makine Chairman of the
                                                 market leader worldwide in the      Board, stated that this “examplary” company of Gaziantep is on its way to beco-
                                                                                     ming a global brand, and said “We are leading innovations with our productions
                                                 business and he said: “Basical-     of jacquard machine, carpet weaving machine, 4 meter double rapier carpet
                                                 ly our company is in the narrow     weaving machine, chenille fantasy yarn machine, and synthetic yarn blowing
                                                 fabric industry. We are the
                      Christian LERCH                                                machine.” Reminding that they are exporting machines for hand knitting and
                  Müller Sales & Marketing Manager  supplier of complete systems”.   tricot yarn producers all around the world, Dabanıyasti said, “At ITM 2018 we are
                                                                                     selling our heat-set machines, which make carpet yarns, hand knitting and tricot
                                                                                     yarns. We had the chance to have talks with customers mainly from Russia,
          “The exhibition is Really Promising”                                       India and Iran.”
          Müller is attracting customers not only from Turkey but also from other count-  Noting that they are pleased with meeting many visitors from abroad, Mehmet
          ries. Christian Lerch thinks that the exhibition is really promising for Müller:”It’s   Dabanıyasti said, “Compared to previous exhibitions, I can say that ITM 2018 is
          a really good exhibition. It seems that we are quite busy. Especially the first day   more crowded and better. We have a presence in the markets of China, Uzbe-
          was really promising in terms of business and upcoming projects. So we are   kistan, India, Iran, Russia and other countries as well as the American market
          quite positive. We are participating for the first time with machines for a couple   where we opened our office as Örnek Makine. Since 2008, we also continue our
          of years. It’s going to be an important exhibition and it will remain as it is.”  activities in the Chinese market with our own office, spare parts and staff.”

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