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                          14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

               ITM Makes Investments in the Textile

                                              Sector Sustainable

          Groz-Beckert, the world’s leading supp-                                 models used in the industry, and their   mainly focuses on interactions between
          lier of industrial machinery needles, is                                parts produced by Groz-Beckert. Our   knitting elements (needles and sinkers)
          presenting products and services for                                    customers have had the chance to see   at ITM 2018. Visitors have the opportu-
          the knitting, weaving, felt and carding                                 parts during the processing much more   nity to see and view easily the working
          segments. It provides production equip-                                 detail on machine models”.          and interaction principles of these parts
          ment services such as knitting, nonwo-                                  Özkan Edirne, who informed that almost   on knitting machine models. 8 different
          ven, tufting knitting and sewing needle,                                all of their current customers have come   flat knitting (tricot) technologies and
          felting needle and sinker for the Turkish                               to the exhibition, expresses that they   Groz-Beckert needles and sinkers used
          and Central Asian markets. Özkan Edir-                                  consider exhibitions as opportunity   in these technologies are shown on flat
          ne, Groz-Beckert’s General Manager of                                   to meet these customers rather than   knitting machine model for different fi-
          Turkey, says that they are very pleased                                 establishing new business connections.
          with ITM 2018.                                                          Edirne, who underlines that they have   nes between E2.5 and E18. Sock and ras-
          Indicating that ITM 2018 is the second                                  had the opportunity to introduce their   chel (warp) knitting machine models are
          ITM exhibition of the Groz-Beckert Tur-                                 new products, draws attention to the   also included in the presentation of the
          key, Edirne says, “We present the samp-                                 fact that the number of participants has   knitting product group. Live presentati-
          les of the products we produced for                                     boomed at ITM 2018 because of invest-  ons is also being made about the online
          knitting, weaving, felt, nonwoven, carding                              ment demand in the textile industry. In   knitting customer portal, which allows
          industries in the exhibition. We brought                                addition, ITM keeps investments in the   continuous access to a very advanced
          samples of the machines. Models exhi-         Özkan EDİRNE              textile sector alive.               product catalog and many important
          bited are similar to the actual machine   Groz-Beckert’s General Manager of Turkey  Groz-Beckert’s knitted product group   information about knitting technologies.

             I Can Give The ITM 2018 Ten Out Of Ten

                                              “If necessary, I can give the Fair ten
                                              out of ten”
                                              Saying that they attended the ex-
                                              hibition with their stenter machine,
                                              continuous tumbler dryer, steaming
                                              machine and the High Pressure
                                              Padder Unit designed recently by
                                              them, Poslu states that they are
                                              very happy about the meetings and
                                              cooperations they established during
                                              the exhibition. Stating that especially
                                              their existing suppliers visited them
                      Eyüp POSLU
                      General Manager         at the exhibition, Poslu summarizes
                                              their meetings and cooperations by
          Elteksmak Machinery which operates   saying: “As well as we did technical
          in the field of textile finishing and dr-  meetings with our suppliers, we
          ying technologies, is one of the parti-  also did assessments of the general
          cipants of the ITM 2018.  Eyüp Poslu,   situation with our existing customers.
          General Manager of the company      We had business contacts with new
          which gained a position between the   customers. We made some meetings
          leading companies in the world mar-  regarding to establish new agencies   their expectations or not, Poslu says:   at a premium.  Especially timing was
          ket, says that they are very pleased   in some regions”                 “Even at the first two days of the   excellent. The customers could reach
          to participate at the exhibition. He   Replying our question regarding   exhibition were quite good and above  the location very easily. It was quite
          expresses his appreciate by saying:   whether the organization meet     our expectations. Our products were   successful”


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