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                          14 - 1 7  APRIL 2018

                        “We Have Seen the Power of the

                                    Textile Industry in Turkey”

                                                                                                                                                                                 EFI  Reggiani COLORS
          Stäubli General Manager A. Muzaffer                                                                         with customers from the neighboring
          Sinangil emphasized that ITM 2018 is                                                                        countries, the Balkans, Iran, Uzbekis-
          an opportunity to establish new con-                                                                        tan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Jordan,
          tacts with customers and to further                                                                         Egypt, North Africa and many other
          established relations, “We have intro-                                                                      countries.                                                        THE SPECTACULAR COLORS
          duced our latest technology products                                                                        Stating that during the ITM 2018 Exhi-
          to our customers and partners. We                                                                           bition they met genuinely interested
          listed and tried to meet the demands                                                                        people, Sinangil said that they saw
          and requirements of our clients and                                                                                                                                             YOUR CREATIVITY DESIRES
          partners.”                                                                                                  how strong and important the textile
          Sinangil points out that the ITM 2018                                                                       industry is in Turkey, and he also no-
          Exhibition has generally met their ex-                                                                      ted, “Textiles and apparels are top in-
          pectations and there was a high level                                                                       dustries in Turkey which create added                   EFI Reggiani COLORS — the new, unparalleled textile printer from EFI Reggiani
          of interest from everyone. Sinangil                                                                         value. Our belief is we will maintain
          also said that they had the oppor-                 From left to right: A. Muzaffer SİNANGİL, Ozan ÇÖTELİ    our competitive power as long as we
          tunity to meet and arrange projects                                                                         remain innovative and creative.”                        — will bring your creativity to the world in an explosion of colour. With up to
                                                                                                                                                                              12 different colours in a row and 24 printing heads, you can extend your colour

                                                                                                                                                                              gamut and depth, increase penetration, and enhance printing quality and

                            ITM Exhibition Gives Us a Clue                                                                                                                    uniformity. Plus, the higher reliability and reduced maintenance will ensure

                                                                                                                                                                              superior productivity with excellent printing results.
                       About the Second Half of the Year

                                                                                                                                                                              Get started at

                                              Exhibition gives us a clue especially   customers, Bingöl expressed that the   three-dimensional illustration in design
                                              about the second half of the year beca-  virtual store applications were very im-  and allows customers to communicate
                                              use works are gaining steam in the first   portant for them and the textile sector.  with virtual applications. We also have
                                              four months of the year. The exhibition   Bingöl expresses this importance with   a new application for the embroidery
                                              leads us in the field of textile sector for   those words: “The way of doing bu-  sector. We are also introducing neon
                                              the process after June”.            siness in the textile world generally   dyes for the first time. These constitute
                                              Tetaş, which has a good customer    changes especially because of heavy   our great innovations”.                                                                                  LET US BE THE FUEL
                                              base in flat knitting, circular knitting,   competitive conditions. Therefore, com-  Bingöl later adds, “Our Unitex brand
                                              embroidery and digital printing machi-  puter and artificial intelligence are very   has a Singapore-based technology. It
                                              nes, started giving due dates related to   beneficial in the field of textile industry.   has factories in three different countries.
                     Sezgin BİNGÖL            knitting groups and embroidery for four   One of the most interesting points is
                    Tetaş General Manager     or five months.                     our virtual store applications. There is   Unitex, which has become a widespread
                                              ITM 2018 Exhibition allows us to make   also a technology we call it as holgar-  brand in the Middle East, India, Europe,
          Taking place at ITM 2018 Exhibition with   business contacts with high participati-  ment. We call it a robot of tricot. Apart   China and the Far East, continues to
          brand new textile technology products at   on of the Middle Eastern, East European   from the machines that can produce   grow”.                                             VISIT HALL 6,
          the 7th Hall 710C Booth, Tetaş met its ex-  countries and Turkic Republics. This   three-dimensional clothes, we also   At ITM 2018 Exhibition, Tetaş, which also            STAND 607
          pectations related to the exhibition. The   circumstance creates an opportunity to   have new techniques in digital printing.   exhibits its successes in the three yarn
          intense interest of both domestic and   work with two new suppliers in the exhi-  Tailor-made clothes are now one of the   trends, continues to grow in the field of
          foreign customers to Tetaş machines   bition. Tetaş, which will cooperate with   most favorite trends in the textile world.   yarn. Sezgin Bingöl, General Manager
          makes officials of the company happy.  two different suppliers, also sells many   Especially Tokyo and South Korea is   of Tetaş, has attracted new customers       Nothing herein should be construed as a warranty in addition to the express warranty statement provided with EFI products and services. EFI, FabriVU, Fiery, the Fiery logo, and VUTEk are trademarks
          Tetaş General Manager Sezgin Bingöl,   machines to its customers.       working hard on this issue. We are   especially in this area. Bingöl says, “Our             of Electronics For Imaging, Inc. and/or its wholly owned subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or certain other countries. ©2018 Electronics For Imaging, Inc. All rights reserved
          who made a strategic evaluation regar-  Evaluating ITM Exhibition as one of the   bringing alternative materials for design   brand started spreading to Anatolia. We
          ding ITM 2018 Exhibition, says, “The ITM  exhibitions in which suppliers met with   and introducing innovations that provide   will get even stronger with Unitex”.

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